Monday, October 24, 2011

Poetry: "Taste Freedom"

When I enter into the silence
With my eyes closed
My breathing slows
Stillness lumbers into my bones
As the twitching of my muscles subsides

I sense the wrestling of my soul

I feel the majesty of the universe that surrounds me

I drink from the well of hope and love

As fear, doubt, and loneliness
seeps out from within

It's in those moments that

I am not alone

I am amongst
my family of humankind
Ghosts of humanity
as the spirits of the animals
dance amongst us
the birds sing
our heartbeats thump in unison
a common drumbeat
for our souls to
taste freedom

the earth holds us tightly
to her bosom
and the wind
carries all our worries
into the infinity of
the universe.

I awaken to freedom.

As time moves along
My body awakens
to the starkness of my

Difference is my burden
My breathing quickens
Fear rushes in
My silent moments
All forgotten

It's my white brethren
And their maidens
Who and whom
my body
taint my mind
subjugate me to
their indifference
they take without asking
no thank you is afforded me
nor required according to them.

I enter into the silence
with my eyes closed
my breathing slows
stillness lumbers into my bones
as the twitching of my muscles subsides.

I awaken to freedom.


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