Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Story of the 'In-Betweens'

Each story begins with a tale of triumph, determination and a calling. The culmination of the story ends with validation. When we bear witness to the lives of people who share a part of themselves we gain a deeper understanding of what we are, who we want to become, and how we’ve survived.

This story begins with someone born in-between. In between all that we know. The body that it inhabited had features of both male and female. The soul knew the secrets of both. Their mind understood what they were thinking. With all this wisdom, the in-between person, grew up.

As a child secrets of adults were told. Sharing the space of women and learning all the teaching, the in-between understood compassion, strength, fortitude, and determination. It was through life lessons that the in-between's intuition was developed. It was through interacting with other people that this sense was sharpened.

As a young adult, the in-between was sent off into the world of men. The rough, calculating, goal orientated living would teach more about the world it existed within. The lessons of men grew by participation. They allowed the in-between to understand their stories because they laughed at the in-between’s exoticness.

The time came when the in-between would have to find their place in the world. Amongst others like itself. It is there that the in-between would know a sense of origin and place and time. There was other in-betweens who lived amongst others. Each with their own disguise, each with their own talent, and each developing their own sense of place.

There comes a time in all human history that in-betweens are called upon to translate, teach, and show the capacity of humanity. It is when this time is done that a new sense of order is known and the in-betweens begin their next journey to expand the human condition. It is at the end of this time that men and women cast out the in-betweens and the cycle begins again. The in-between begin again by entering into the darkness and meditation. All the lessons that are known become available once again in silence.

July 8, 2004

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