Saturday, May 3, 2014

A Love to Match My Body

I am not meant to shrink into an ideal.
Of desirable images of what a man wants.
That which he is fed by mainstream media.
Popular notions he believes he needs.

I am built to be robust.
Wide to match the horizon.
Large to cause fear.
Stared at with awe.

Yes, I do taste as good as I look.
Don’t let the cool taste fool ya!

All my wet parts with complicated desires.
No. I ain’t gonna shrink to fit into an ideal.
I am not constructed for white girlz magazines.
I was built to be appreciated live-and-in-person.

All of me!

My love cannot fit into a tiny body.
It is meant to be amongst the starz.
Touched gently,
Gazed at longingly,
Counted amongst breathless moments.

A man’s desire needs to fit me.
Not the small space limited by his imagination.

I was built for a long journey,
Deep – Meaningful
A life of many lessons.

I’ll never go gently in the night.

I am meant
To be discovered by
A love
that matches God.

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