Friday, December 28, 2012

Poetry: "Hey Mr. White Man"

You've conquered the world over
Never without shame

You walk in the world without fear
Stand with pride – as a conqueror

Indigenous women are yours for the taking
indigenous children are yours for your delight

Shame is what you leave
in your wake
many lands

Fear is what you inspire
Submission is your ultimate goal

The rhythm in my bones
As my past demands recognition
The past that resides in my essence

Nothing more can be taken
Mr. White Man
Nothing left for you nor White Women
To take

My spirit is my own
My God is hidden from you


My hips gyrate
Shaking off memories

My feet reconnect
with the earth
reminding me of my connection

my arms flail
to release all my desires
my body
my mind
can not contain
what you've left

This drumbeat reminds me of
an ancestral past
it still
rattles in my bones

Ancestral voices
swell in my chest

Voices that
begin with a yelp
escape into
the universe
finding its place
in my world
once again

Hey Mr White Man
Touched the sky once again...



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