Monday, May 30, 2011

I dreamed you into being: An Answer to My Prayer

A quarter of a century ago
I didn't believe

In my life
I would have
children of
my own

I cried many nights
Knowing I couldn't

Why oh Why Lord, can't I?

I had all but given up
I figured I'd
raise a dog from a pup

Heaven opened up one day

Your Mom & Dad
called me with their gift

I loved you from that moment

You were not but a speck when
I saw your pic

I knew you would be special

April 23, 1999
A lovely afternoon
You came into this life
Our journeys united

My heart knew abundance
that day
I knew love
I love you just the same
I am afraid for you just the same

I'm proud of your adventures
I'm there for your misdeeds

I don't know everything
But I know this
I dreamed

I dreamed of a young man
Who is standing
here today!

Bold, Beautiful, Smart
and 12

Happy Birthday My Son

Never doubt
Always believe
I dreamed you from heaven

I sat along a river
A river of my own tears

I thought of you
When you didn't exist

I know today
what I knew then
that you will
a strong man

You are everything
I've dreamed of
for my time here

Don't ever think
nor believe
there is a shortage
of love

I loved you
you were here
I love you
just the same

You are my hope
You are my dream

Happy Birthday
Hoksicila Cante Ma Yuha
(Child of My Heart)


April 23, 2011

 Posted with permission of Sonny...

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