Monday, February 21, 2011

Poem: A Thief Stole My Life

A thief stole my life
Gone without anything left
A semblance of someone that once was

They snuck into my life
Told lies and made accusations
Found vulnerabilities

A thief stole my life
Vestiges of someone that was to be
Are gone now nowhere to be found

They took without asking
Vindication or Victory
Whose to know

A thief stole my life
The carnage lies about
I lay there looking and wondering

Who was this person that I became
Questions permeate my mind
Torn between many understandings

A thief stole my life
I imagine them giggling
Laughing at my self pity

I pick my self up and find moments
They are gone now and again
Putting myself back together again

A thief stole my life
Innocence is lost
Humanity is seen for what it is

I wander why I believed what I had
I lay here thinking what a fool
A jester for entertainment

A thief stole my life
Taught me more about myself
‘Happily ever after’ is no more

I see now without my glasses
I peer deeper into what is around me
Fear and shame permeate my soul

A thief stole my life
I wonder what they thought
Sneaking and taking without a thought

I now know that I am free
Lives that I lived have come into one
Wholeness has become my reward

A thief stole my life
Did they believe what they did would teach me
Make me better and more me

Grace and presence is what I feel more and more
Hope descends
No place like here

May 4, 2004

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