Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gossip and Why Should You Care?

I knew the title would capture your attention but Really! What I know is that I know my own truth. I know my intentions. I know what I meant by what I was saying. I know that if I was wrong then I am grown up enough to say, “I'm sorry”.

People will continually say things about you and regardless of weather you like it or not, they will talk. I always tell people, “don't worry that people are talking about you – worry when they stop!” That means you are not living an interesting life.  Life is meant to be lived so live it baby..I got you!

There are those negative folks who thrive off of negativity. I don't understand it but hey! I'd rather focus on positive and productive things in life. If people are telling me something negative about someone I know then I'm concerned. If it is someone I know then I will pick up the phone and call. I will send an e-mail to check in. I want to make sure that they are OK. If it is some random stranger then I say a quiet prayer for them.

I remember reading about social control and how gossip is an important aspect of it. It regulates peoples behavior. It indicates to a group of people what social mores are ok. What is acceptable to the group. It keeps people in line and alienates those who don't.

I always found social control and gossip interesting because most of the people I knew and I was attracted to did not fit into any box. They challenged rules and marched for change. They are willing to be the only one. They have the courage to stand out. They have the courage to stand up.

I'm all for social control, laws and regulations but when it takes away people's power then it just ain't right! I want all my friends who live on the fringe to feel wanted and needed. I imagine it is rooted in a deep unresolved feeling like a social outcast growing up. I was never part of an “in group” or the “popular kids”. I was the awkward kid who hated where I was. As an adult I found people who were like me.

With all that said, “If you don't got anything good to say about someone then DO NOT sit by me!” Also, “Live your life as honestly as you know how to live it.” Finally, “Fuck 'em...”

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