Thursday, February 17, 2011

Forgiveness and Holding On

The act of forgiving someone because they hurt you when no one has taught you how is hard. I learned to hold it in. I learned to smile my way through it. I learned to put it in the hands of the creator and let it go. Somehow and in someway it would seep back into my thoughts and my mind.

I've learned that the opposite of love is indifference not hate. Hate has an energy to it. Indifference is much like love but without the depth and breadth of it. It is a shrug of your shoulders and sweet release. When I hate someone it takes a lot of energy to maintain it and it takes away from my spirit.

Forgiveness is letting go of what happened. There is a deep understanding to it. A knowing that you have learned your lesson and can move on. It resonates in your soul.

How do you know you've forgiven?

What happens when you run into the person that hurt you after you forgive them?

I have felt nothing. I have felt gratitude for the lesson. I appreciate them as a person of the universe. I recognize them as human as well. Often times I don't feel anything toward them which means I've stopped engaging.

Forgiving yourself for making a mistake feels good. It is a release of pent up garbage. Those nasty thoughts that trail in – would if – could of – if only. Ultimately, those thoughts whittle away at your core beliefs about yourself – maybe if I was a nicer person – I am wrong for what happened. That is why ultimately forgive yourself first then forgive them for what occurred.

Holding on doesn't help anyone. They are living their lives and you are trapped in your private hell. You are beating yourself up about something that can be released. Understand your lesson, integrate it, forgive yourself, and move on.

There is so much joy, happiness, and laughter in the world. Believe me...I'd rather focus on that!

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