Saturday, September 13, 2014

1,000 Cranes - The Innocence of My Son, 'I Wish You Happiness...'

1,000 Cranes.  I had been fired from my job because I couldn’t condone making up services numbers on a project, so I was told my services were no longer needed, nor necessary.   I was fired.  No unemployment.  No prospects.  I stood up for what I believed in, yet it was with an outcome that I didn’t expect.  I began to do manual labor.  I painted apartments for my landlord to cover the costs of rent.  I was on public assistance, again.  It was a difficult time.  I was heavy with worry a lot of the time.  I was hurt emotionally from the experience.  A graduate education didn’t matter cause I was beginning again.  I don’t lay my adult worries on my son, but he watched me.  I came home one day from painting and Sonny was doing origami.  He was watching Youtube and learning to fold cranes.  I commented on how beautiful they were.  A few days later, he was still at it.  His little 9 year old hands were folding paper, creasing, and meticulously making cranes.  I asked why he was doing this.  I figured it was to decorate his room.  No it wasn’t.  He told me the story about a Japanese legend that if he folded 1,000 cranes that he’d be granted a wish.  His wish was that I’d be happy again and I wouldn’t have to worry all the time about money, food, rent, lights, gas, and how I was gonna get what he needed.  I was stunned.  I then sobbed when I heard this and held him in my arms.  I reminded him things will get better.  Life just threw us a curveball.  I apologized for not being happy go lucky Mom that he needed.  I thanked him for his project.  His wish meant everything to me.  I got my wish when he was born.  And, this is one of the many reasons my son continues to amaze me…             

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