Monday, October 24, 2011

Poetry: "A Mantra of Desire and Hope: God’s Got This"

When I enter and get close to home
The notion
Becomes all too familiar
God’s Got This

The institutions
The common place
The cynicism
And skepticism about
Shakes me to my core
The downcast eyes
The blatant racism
The white indifference
God’s Got This

As I pass the border unto
The reservation

God’s Got This

The stale air of depression
Descends into my soul
The insanity
The injustice
Destitution abounds
God’s Got This

I leap from one house to another
Where there is safety
And solace
God’s Got This

It is in those moments
Amongst family that
I know
The endurance
Of the human spirit
The capacity to love
Of love, regardless
The tenacity of hope
In spite of
The egregiousness of living
God’s Got This

Outside of the safety of homes
My nation of
People tear at each other’s
Take hope
Covet it
In the quest to survive
God’s Got This

Words become spears
Tearing flesh and splitting minds
Piles of bodies lie about
As people gather
Enough so they
Can awaken to another day
Where hope can endure yet again
God’s Got This

Children have seen
And know death
Long before it is necessary
The speak about it without
Sharing the ghastliness of it
Telling stories as
Though they are tales
Of a place to be
Or they long to be
God’s Got This

Alcohol is the medicine
That keeps the rage at bay
Unravels people’s minds
Helps people endure
The place where America has forgotten
Alcohol is not for our bodies
A gift from the white man
To take away our lands
Our Minds
Ultimately, our spirit
God’s Got This

Hospitality and love
Are not afforded to one another
Only kin and strangers
God’s Got This

It is when the drums beat
The sage is burned
Everyone is summoned
Do we all remember
Our common history
The shame we’ve endured
The love we’ve not yet known
The love that is in abundance
God’s Got This


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