Monday, February 21, 2011

Poem: At Once I Am

I am searching for a place in my mind to hush the whispers
The longing and aching for someone
Love n intimacy
The elusive duo
I settled and found someone but
Found that it didn’t happen
My hurt n brokenness came forward with a force
Shattering what could have been
Pain that I did not know lay about
I thought I was ready but time showed I wasn’t
I find those places where hurt lay when I stumble
Fumble and fall upon them
The men I loved at the time
Tried in vain
To keep me together but
I pulled
I tore
I screamed
I ran
I couldn’t be
Stifled and healed
At once

The hunger for passion and love
Is unquenchable
It hovers about
Recognize me
I feel beautiful
Fuck me you fool
I have no bearing of what happens
I will have you lose your mind
You will want and need more
From the wells of my desires
I nourish
I am

February 2, 2008

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